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Is your business new? Are you looking to reach mass audiences? Are you familiar with QR codes? Are you looking for a new up-to-date advertising platform?

Grinds Ads has created a digital world that directs traffic and consumers with a scan of a QR code to the advertisers landing website, social media profiles, contact info, promotions, discounts, etc. If you are looking for a unique and innovative way of advertising or marketing your business, Grinds Ads is a full package marketing platform that aims to provide quality and up to date service.

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Our Mission

We empower local businesses by providing solutions that drive consumer engagement utilizing indoor display advertising. In the current digital age, it is integral that your business is found online. With GrindsAds, you can exclusively advertise on your local display network as well as on the web so you can reach a broader local audience. Advertise anything within your community. Your Ad-Zone is only exclusive to the area or zip-code in which your business resides. We use proven methods like QR Codes to promote customer interaction on your ads and promotions, which promote customer engagement.

How GrindsAds Works

If You Want To Change How Your Business Advertises… This Is How We Do It.

Send Us Your Promotions, Service Listings, Help Wanted Ads, And Anything Else You’d Like To Advertise Locally. If you don’t have any ads designed, no problem! We design them in-house.

Once you have your ad sets ready, we configure your ads on our network. Your promotions are then displayed in our affiliate indoor-display networks for your community to see, share, and interact with.

In addition, your promotions will be displayed on our website, partner sites, and social media platforms. Your ads will also be indexed by search engines to improve SEO for your business. You don’t even need a website.

If you need out-of-scope support, ask us. We know people in your community that can help you.

When you advertise with GrindsAds, you get the following…

  • Basic Landing Page

    A basic landing page on our website with all the info, services, and links to your websites, blogs, social accounts, and GrindsAds promotions. This greatly improves your integrity in backlink profiles and SEO rankings using best-practice methods and standards.

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  • Indoor Display Ads

    Every Advertiser has the option to choose any combination of Ad Zones within the local area’s GrindsAds network. Each “Zone” consists of local business that advertise in your area.

    For instance, if your business is located in Boise and you want to advertise in Boise, you’d sign up for displaying your ads in the Boise Zone. If your business is in Eagle and you’d like to advertise in Eagle AND Boise, you would then register for the additional Boise Zone since Eagle is your local area and the Boise Zone is outside of it.

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  • Advertisements

    GrindsAds can design and publish your ads for you, or work with the person who does. A service fee is applicable for each ad we deliver. Our minimum requirements for image and video files are as follows.
    4096 x 2160 pixels @120dpi(4K UHD) [MAX Quality] 4K Example
    3840 x 2160 pixels (2160p) [Medium Quality] 2160p Example
    1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p) [Standard Quality] 1080p Example
    1280 x 720 pixels (720p) [Lowest Quality] 720p Example
    If you have any questions regarding these matters, call our technical team.

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  • Ad Network Locations

    Businesses like you have already chosen to support local growth by joining the GrindsAds Display Network. Display Locations receive complementary and unlimited monthly advertising for their business as well as within their business zone. Network members are also enrolled for eligible exclusive sales promotions and offers from GrindsAds. All you do is pay per display.

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  • Search Ads and Online Advertising Campaigns

    For an additional cost, we provide Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other third-party ad management along with your GrindsAds promotions. Campaigning costs vary on multiple levels but can be based on factors like industry type, target demographic, and desired reach for your ads. You define your budget, we’ll provide the expertise and knowledge every step of the way so you know you’re making optimal business decisions. Currently, we do not require minimums or limits for external ad campaigns.

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  • Community

    The GrindsAds network is local business. When you support GrindsAds, a portion of the proceeds is reserved to grow you and your local community. Because our business is to help local business, by supporting GrindsAds, not only do you support local Idaho communities… you support you too!

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Current GrindsAds Promotions

  • Complimentary Advertising When You Join Our Network.

    Become one of our high-traffic affiliates and receive complimentary advertising.

    This is how we support local business.
    “Local Supports Local”

Our current advertising Zones

Caldwell Zone

Includes Zip Codes


$350 Plus Taxes & Fees

Nampa Zone

Includes Zip Codes


$350 Plus Taxes & Fees

Meridian Zone

Includes Zip Codes


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Boise Zone

Includes Zip Codes





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